Conference / Workshop

Conference / Workshop

Conference / Workshop


Three Days Workshop on “Recent Trends in IOT with Low Power Edge Devices”has been organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on 19.08.19 (Seminar Hall). This workshop has been organized to give insight knowledge about the IoT and its applications that may be taken up by the students as their final year project. It was handled by Mr. P. Dinesh, Managing Partner, M/s, Sai Incubation Center, Coimbatore. Total Number of Participants: 49. The students of II, III, IV-year ECE and EEE students have been benefited from this workshop.

Two weeks workshop on “Introduction to Arduino IDE” has been organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. This workshop has been organized to give Hands on Training on Arduino Software. It was handled by Dr. M. Baskaran, HoD – ECE, SVCT. The students of II-year ECE have been benefited from this workshop.

One day workshop on “DESIGN THINKING AND ITS INNOVATION” under MHRDs Institution’s Innovation Councils (IIC) has been organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on 03.07.2020. This workshop aimed to foster design thinking and innovation ideas into student fraternity. This workshop was handled by Dr M. Baskaran, HoD-ECE the brand Ambassador of IIC, SVCT and Mr .K. V. Vinoth Kumar, Contracts Manager, Exxon Mobile, Bangalore. Due to participation limit, only 50 internal and external candidates were allowed to participate.


The first International Conference on Computer Communication and Power Systems (ICCCPS’20) was conducted by Sri Venkateswaraa College of Technology in digital mode on 29-30 May, 2020. This conference was organized by the departments of ECE, CSE and EEE. It provides an excellent venue for the communication of recent results and the discussion of new problem in the areas that will surely bring about future progress in research. This conference is widely publicized and attracted more than 200 participants including academicians, research scholars, PG as well as UG students of various institutions from various places including our neighboring states. On the whole, we have received 127 manuscripts from various institutions across the state. Among those manuscripts, 82 papers were accepted for peer review process and 70 manuscripts.


IETE Students Forum (ISF) in our college provides free access to technical publications like IETE Journal of Research, IETE Technical Review, IETE Journal of Education and IETE Newsletter to students to update the latest technology news and to carry out research activities. In addition, ISF helps to plan and organise technical activities like Symposium, Conference, Workshop, Seminars etc. By this, it provides a platform for knowledge transfer by the students and Faculties.

OSI chapter in our college premises provides special resources and programs to
students and also provide early career professionals who are launching their careers in optics and photonics. It also provides access to best in class research, content and networking opportunities.