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    Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai


      International Conference on Computer Communication and Power Systems(ICCCPS)2020 @ 19th - 20th March 2020      

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  • To prepare students to proficient to meet the needs of current technological advancements in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering by establishing a learning environment consistent with industry standards in academics and research.


  • To facilitate the students with the state-of-art technologies to meet the growing challenges of the electronics industry.
  • To promote lifelong learning, open minded receptiveness and professional ethics in all aspects of academic activities to enable them to successfully adapt to technological advancements by engaging in team work and collaboration.
  • To undertake collaborative projects with academia and industries.
  • To prepare students for employment in various engineering, manufacturing and service industries with exceptional professional competency.


  • To improve and achieve 100% results.
  • To help students to get University Ranks.
  • To improve Campus Placements.
  • To Develop Domain Specific Expertise Amongst Department Faculty.
  • To Develop R & D Centre in the Department.


  • To improve and achieve 100% results.
  • To help students to get University Ranks.
  • To improve Campus Placements.
  • To Develop Domain Specific Expertise Amongst Department Faculty.
  • To Develop R & D Centre in the Department.


  • To Develop International Leaders in Technology.
  • To encourage All Faculty to indulge in Research Activities.
  • To Develop Product Development Facilities in the Department.


  • National and International Journals Published By Staff members
  • Our faculty members presented paper in various International conferences on Recent Trends in Communication Systems.
  • Our Department conducted National Level Conference on Resent Trends in Advanced Information and Communication Systems.

Program Education Objectives(PEOs)

  • With a firm foundation in basics and complete core expertise, our students design electronic and communication systems with social awareness and responsibility.
  • Have a successful career in the diversified sectors of the electronics and telecommunication sector.
  • Exhibit professionalism, ethical approach, communication skills, and good team work in their profession and adapt to modern trends by engaging in lifelong learning.
  • Our students will eagerly explore the possibilities for taking up Entrepreneur ship initiatives

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • Understand that the solutions have to be provided taking the environmental issues and sustainability into consideration.
  • Offer engineering solutions to societal problems.
  • Perform investigations, design as well as conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions.
  • Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering concepts in Complex Engineering problems.
  • Select and apply appropriate techniques for the design & analysis of systems using modern design tools.
  • Design a component, a system or process to meet the specific needs within the realistic constraints such as economics, environment, ethics, health, safety and manufacturability.
  • Apply creativity in support of the design of electronic circuits, equipment, components, sub-systems and systems.
  • Recognize and adapt to emerging applications in engineering and technology.
  • Engage in life-long learning and an understanding of the need to keep current of the developments in the specific field of practice.
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing using the English language.
  • Understand the professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to function as a coherent unit in multidisciplinary design teams, and deliver results through collaborative research.


  • Circuits and Devices Lab
  • Analog and Digital Circuits Laboratory
  • Circuit and Simulation Integrated Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuit Laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Communication System Laboratory
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
  • VLSI Design Laboratory
  • Embedded Laboratory
  • Optical and Microwave Laboratory


  • Communication System Laboratory
  • RF System Design Laboratory


  • Circuits And Devices Lab
  • Vlsi / Embedded /dsp Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Optical And Microwave Lab
  • Lic / Digital Lab

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