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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are two intertwined domains at the forefront of technological advancement. Artificial Intelligence, encompassing both Narrow and General AI, aims to replicate human-like intelligence in machines, enabling them to learn, reason, and adapt to various tasks. On the other hand, Data Science leverages statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, and domain expertise to extract valuable insights from data. The curriculum includes courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Fundamentals of Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc which satisfies the current industry Standard. The advanced courses are handled by Industry Experts from various reputed organizations.


This program aims to equip students with a deep understanding of computer science and specialized expertise in the rapidly growing field of Data Science, which is renowned for its high demand and lucrative career prospects. Data Science is an interdisciplinary domain that draws upon various skills from fields such as statistics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, data visualization and Deep Learning. It enables individuals to extract meaningful insights from vast datasets, empowering informed decision-making across technology, science, and business sectors. Through this B.Tech program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, students will tackle real-world challenges by leveraging data-driven approaches, implementing machine learning algorithms, and applying fundamental concepts of Data Science. They are also exposed to various opportunities such as in plant training, internships, and workshops during their course of study.

Career Prospects:

Career prospects in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are exceptionally promising, with increasing demand across various industries for skilled professionals who can harness the power of data and AI technologies.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer: Responsible for developing and deploying machine learning models to solve specific business problems, such as recommendation systems, fraud detection, or predictive maintenance.
  2. Data Scientist: Analyses complex datasets to extract insights and build predictive models using machine learning algorithms. Data scientists work across industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and technology.
  3. AI Research Scientist: Researches to advance the field of AI, exploring new algorithms, architectures, and techniques to improve AI systems’ capabilities.
  4. Data Analyst: Collects, cleans, and analyzes data to provide insights and support decision-making within organizations.
  5. Data Engineer: Designs, constructs, and maintains data pipelines and infrastructure to ensure efficient data processing and storage for analytics purposes.
  6. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer: Creates interactive dashboards and reports to visualize data and communicate key insights to stakeholders.

Industry Partners:

  • BOSTON IT Solutions
  • NielsenIQ
  • Course5i
  • GenxLead Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Rell Technology Solution Private Limited
  • iXceed Solutions
  • Arcadia
  • Hindustan SWM Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Infosys
  • IFC Systems Corporation
  • Impactree Data Technologies Private Limited
  • Vikatan Group

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