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The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program, initiated by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in coordination with MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) and the collaboration of AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), aims to methodically cultivate a culture of innovation and a robust startup ecosystem within educational institutions. 

The primary role of IICs is to involve a significant number of students, and staff in a wide array of innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors, including ideation, problem-solving, proof of concept development, design thinking, intellectual property rights (IPR), and project management, particularly during the pre-incubation/incubation stages. This concerted effort aims to establish and consolidate an ecosystem conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship within Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) @ SVCT

The Institution’s Innovation Council was founded during the academic year 2018-2019 at Sri Venkateswaraa College of Technology with the purpose of fulfilling the objectives set forth by the IIC. Our institution regularly conducts initiatives of IIC, MIC, and self-driven activities aimed at fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and the cultivation of entrepreneurs, as well as promoting intellectual property rights and supporting startups.

Major Focus of IIC

❖ To foster a vibrant local innovation ecosystem

❖ Mechanisms supporting startups and entrepreneurship within HEIs

❖ Prepare institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework (ARIIA)

❖ Set up a functional ecosystem for idea scouting and pre-incubation

❖ Enhance cognitive abilities among technology students

Functions of IIC

❖ To Encourage innovation within the institution through diverse approaches, fostering an ecosystem.

❖ To execute a range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities as outlined by the Central MIC

❖ To Recognize and award the Innovation’s of student and staff

❖ To Arrange regular workshops, seminars, and networking sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to establish a mentor network for

student innovators.

❖ To Connect with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.

❖ To Develop an Institutional Innovation Portal to showcase innovative projects undertaken by faculty and students of the institution.

❖ To Conduct hackathons, idea competitions, mini-challenges, etc., engaging industries in the process.

IIC Team

Sr. No.Name of MemberMember TypeKey Role/ Position assigned in IIC
1Mr.N.JagadeeshAssistant Professor/CSEPresident & Convenor
2Dr.C.BALASUBRAMANIYAN Professor & Head/MechanicalVice President & IPR coordinator
3Mr.A.Abdul WahidProfessor & Head/CDCInternship Coordinator
4Dr.N.Abdur RahmanProfessor & Head/ECEStart-up Coordinator
5Mrs.C.ValliAssistant Professor/EEEInnovation Coordinator
6Mr.Alphin ManuelAssistant Professor/AI&DSSocial Media Coordinator
7Mr.JerinAssistant Professor/CSESelf Driven Activity - Coordinator
8Mrs.J.SubhaProfessor & Head/S&HSelf Driven Activity - Coordinator
9Mr.A.KaviyarasanStudent - III Year AI&DSInnovation Coordinator
10Ms.SangeethaStudent - III Year EEEInnovation Coordinator
11Mr.S.KailashStudent - III Year ECEInternship Coordinator
12Mr.HarishStudent - II Year EEEInternship Coordinator
13Ms.S.SandhiyaStudent - III Year CSEIPR Coordinator
14Ms.S.VidhyaStudent - III Year Cy.SecIPR Coordinator
15Mr.Bharath N.SStudent - III Year ECEStart-up Coordinator
16Ms.V.DhanujaStudent - II Year CSEStart-up Coordinator
17Ms.B.NarmadhaStudent - III Year CSESocial Media Coordinator
18Ms.S.SangeerthanaStudent - II Year CSESocial Media Coordinator
19Ms.G.SaraswathiStudent - III Year AI&DSHackathon Coordinator
20Mr.J.VarunStudent - III Year Cy.SecHackathon Coordinator
21Mr.R.DakshanStudent - I Year CSESelf Driven Activity - Coordinator
22Mr.Sri NithishStudent - III Year CSESelf Driven Activity - Coordinator
23P.HarikrishnanStudent - II Year MechSelf Driven Activity - Coordinator
24Ms.MahalakshmiStudent - I Year AI&DSSelf Driven Activity - Coordinator

IIC Establishment Certificate

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