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Computer Science and Design


The Computer Science and Design is a comprehensive four-year undergraduate program. It is meticulously crafted to equip graduates not only with a deep understanding of computing techniques, tools, and technologies but also with a strong foundation in design principles and emerging technologies. Computer Science and Design is a specialized field within Computer Science and Engineering. It encompasses not just traditional computing elements like software, programming, and tools, but also incorporates design methodologies and interactive approaches. This program focuses on cultivating graduates who are proficient in both computing and design paradigms. It includes a core curriculum covering essential Computer Science and Design courses, followed by a range of elective options from both domains. This flexibility empowers students to tailor their educational journey according to their interests and career aspirations. As the internet continues to permeate every aspect of modern life, businesses across industries are increasingly prioritizing exceptional design and user experience. This trend has elevated the importance of Interaction Design and Design Methods in IT products and services. This program is designed to meet this growing demand by preparing students for roles in the IT industry, digital design, and media sectors such as gaming, animation, virtual/augmented reality, user interface design, and more. Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing advanced studies in Computer Science or Design.


The B.E-Computer Science and Design program aims to equip students with a deep understanding of computing fundamentals, including its foundations, limitations, and capabilities. It focuses on developing their ability to design and implement efficient software solutions by employing suitable algorithms, data structures, and other computing techniques. Additionally, students will gain insights into design principles and techniques, enabling them to address human and societal problems through innovative solutions. The curriculum also emphasizes independent problem-solving skills, particularly in the realm of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) design processes, where students will learn to investigate and develop end-to-end solutions—from identifying user needs to UI design, technical coding, and evaluation. Furthermore, the program emphasizes the effective utilization and enhancement of tools and platforms for developing applications in new media design areas like animation, gaming, virtual reality, and more.

Career Prospects:

This program is designed to foster a multidisciplinary skill set among students, enabling them to pursue careers across various industries such as IT, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, multimedia, robotics, game development, entertainment, and digital analytics.

Industry Partners:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Oracle

Design Agencies – IDEO, Frog Design, and Pentagram

Tech Startups

Entertainment and Media Companies – Pixar, Disney, Electronic Arts (EA), and Netflix

Conferences and Events – CES, SXSW, and TechCrunch Disrupt

Research Institutions – HCI, AI, and design innovation

E-commerce and Digital Marketing Companies – Amazon, Alibaba, and Adobe

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