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Mechanical Engineering


A Bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical Engineering offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as materials science, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanical design, manufacturing processes, and robotics. Students gain practical skills in designing, analyzing, and optimizing mechanical systems and components, as well as in utilizing CAD/CAM software for modeling and simulation. Additionally, courses focus on emerging areas such as mechatronics, renewable energy systems, and additive manufacturing, ensuring graduates are wellequipped to address the evolving challenges of mechanical engineering in today’s technological landscape. The program typically culminates in a capstone project and internship experience, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in a modern world environment, making them for effective mechanical engineer as well as entrepreneurs.


Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to design, analyze, and optimize mechanical systems and components. The theoretical and hands-on training experience helps the students to learn about key areas such as thermal science, fluid mechanics, mechanical design, manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing and robotics. The courses highlights a hands-on approach to mechanical engineering, making graduates to solve complex problems, and contribute effectively to various core industries and technological advancements.

Career Prospects:

Career prospects in mechanical engineering are extremely hopeful, given the widespread need for innovation and optimization in various industries. Mechanical Engineering can pursue diverse career paths, including roles such as mechanical engineer, design engineer, manufacturing engineer, research and development engineer, and Project manager. With industries looking for innovative solutions to improve efficiency, sustainability, and product performance, Mechanical engineers proficient in designing, analyzing, and optimizing mechanical systems and components are in high demand. Furthermore, the field offers ample opportunities for career growth, specialization, and competitive salaries, making it an attractive choice for individuals passionate about creating tangible impact and shaping the future through engineering.

Industry Partners:

  • Daimler India
  • Delphi-TVS Technologies
  • NextGen 3D Tech
  • Axis Global Automation
  • IEQS Group
  • Caterpillar

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