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Information Technology


Students who complete the B.Tech IT course will have a thorough understanding of information technology, including both academic and practical expertise. Students learn about software development, networking, security, and database management, among other IT-related topics, through a combination of classroom instruction and practical practice. The curriculum gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems creatively in the real world and to manage the quickly changing technological landscape.


The B.Tech IT program emphasizes developing a thorough comprehension of fundamental IT ideas in addition to promoting originality and creativity in problem-solving. Students take part in demanding coursework that includes system design, data structures, algorithms, and programming languages. Furthermore, new technologies like cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are highlighted. In addition to theoretical education, practical projects and internships enable students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations and build transferable abilities that employers value highly.

Career Prospects:

With the field of information technology growing at a rapid pace, graduates of the B.Tech IT degree are well-positioned to explore a variety of professional prospects. They can look for positions as an IT consultant, database administrator, network engineer, systems analyst, software developer, and specialist. As industries over the board become more digitally connected, there is an increasing need for qualified IT graduates who can spur innovation, optimize workflows, and guarantee the safety of digital assets. Additionally, the program’s interdisciplinary structure gives graduates adaptable abilities that they may use in a variety of contexts, improving their employability and long-term employment prospects.

Industry Partners:

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Google LLC

  • IBM

  • Cisco Systems Inc

  • Oracle Corporation

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